Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wardrobe Design:Coral, Grey, Ecru, Khaki

When choosing things for your wardrobe, they must fit your style and each other. This is part of our series of posts that show a "capsule" built around a particular item.

 Our stylish friend has a unique printed blouse and wants to build some options around it. Her usual look is ladylike and conservative, but she enjoys a few quirks here and there for some fun. To build on the blouse we added:

1. A red/coral draped skirt.
2. A charcoal fine knit tee.
3. Cream and grey striped trousers
4. A khaki safari jacket
5. Charcoal tweed pencil skirt.
6. Coral cardigan with floral trim.

1. Coral Clutch
2. Ecru Handbag
3. Coral Oversize handbag
4. Charcoal felted kitten heel
 5. Ecru Pumps

 These items go together easily, and can be worn with or without the original shirt. All of the pieces are going to mix and match very easily in with other color palettes in her wardrobe, and the shoes are particularly wardrobe friendly.



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